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Sophie Blackmore is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Registered Nurse and Author.

Sophie is the author of “Nourish - food for your baby” and co-author of “Fast food and no play make Jack a fat boy


I started out as a dietitian over 30 years ago. Back then, our understanding of the impact that nutrition plays in health was just emerging. Food intolerances were beginning to increase; diabetes was present and only slowly on the rise; coeliac disease was largely undiagnosed; and food was a simple affair with very little influence from media and advertising opinions about what we should eat.

During this time, I qualified and practiced as a nurse, in order to gain hands-on experience in acute medicine. I become very aware that many of the patients I nursed had conditions related to poor nutrition, and largely preventable.

Today, all this accumulated experience and knowledge enables me to get to the core of your dietary issue, and provide you with practical nutrition advice and care.

My goal as a dietitian and nurse is a simple one — to improve your health.